The 5 Best Designer Backpacks for Men

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The bag you carry can communicate your style, personality, and lifestyle you lead as a man. Fortunately, some of the best designer backpacks are chic and affordable.

A good backpack transforms the most basic attire into a noticeable statement while still fulfilling its purpose. 

That said, the word 'designer' is not limited to the high-priced and exclusive but actually fits into several aspects of your lifestyle.

Designer backpacks come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate various careers, lifestyles, and trends.

Hence, here are our top five picks for the best designer backpacks you can buy.

This leather backpack is made from genuine cowhide and lined with canvas, making it fashionable yet practical.

The bag provides a high-end look on an affordable budget with its by-hand stitching and tanning.

Not only does it have a spacious zipper pocket, but it also has an additional clip-over flap for enhanced style and protection. 

The bag is sturdy; therefore, it sits upright in moving vehicles, a plus for travelers. Whether you need it for business trips or school, this backpack by Handmade World is multifunctional and spacious for all your electronics.


  • Fits a 15.6-inch laptop
  • Several compartments and pockets
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • Water-resistant
  • Double-zipper pockets
  • Converts into Messenger bag and briefcase
  • Removable shoulder strap


  • Requires handwashing
  • It only comes in brown
  • Heavy material; weighs 3 pounds

The Velez Archeology Genius Backpack is 100% leather and hand-sewn to preserve its vintage yet urban aesthetic. It has rustic zippers to firmly shut compartments, and it is lined with canvas lining for additional support and comfort.

Additionally, it works well for students, entrepreneurs, and travelers as it includes a luggage strap to secure it to other luggage.

Lastly, many buyers merit Velez for its ethical practices because it makes its products in line with fair trade policies and responsible environmentalism. Therefore, buyers can make their purchases in line with their environmental values.


  • Available in a range of colors
  • Security straps to secure personal belongings
  • Thick grab handle for hand-held option
  • Long adjustable straps to fit any height
  • Soft and supple leather


  • Rustic zips can be difficult to maneuver
  • It only carries a moderate load
  • Requires leather cleaner for maintenance

This canvas backpack is simple, compact, and casual, making it functional for school, work, or travel. Its compartments are divided to give adequate space for personal belongings.

Because it is made from canvas, it expands well to fit a moderately heavy load. However, it includes leather details to reinforce the canvas and add a touch of sophistication. 

The dense canvas material makes it slow to absorb water during the rainy season. And with the additional drawstring and magnetic buckles, your items are kept from jostling and shifting.


  • The material weighs less than 1 kg
  • Large capacity for belongings
  • Affordable
  • Shockproof compartment for laptop
  • Can fit a 17-inch device
  • Available in 4 colors


  • Heavy for a canvas bag
  • Accommodates a light load
  • No padding in straps
  • Requires hand washing
  • Thin straps

This backpack from Dinictis has a minimalist yet chic design, making it practical for travelers. Because it is made from polyester, it is both affordable and durable.

It comes with external pockets for easy retrieval of essential belongings, and the inside compartments are padded for extra support during the journey.

If you are carrying your work with you, the backpack includes designated pockets for your devices and a strap to secure them further.

Furthermore, a sturdy side handle transforms the backpack into a hand-held carry-on.


  • It fits carry-on criteria for air travel
  • Compression pockets for fragile items
  • Elastic clasp to prevent items from shifting during travel
  • Deep side pockets for large bottles
  • Several small compartments for crucial documents
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Rear strap to attach the backpack to other luggage


  • It does not expand sufficiently to fit a large load
  • Laptop compartment cannot be locked

This camera backpack is ideal for photographers because it has a thick protective nylon exterior for shock absorption and extra cushioning. The bag itself is spacious, with a capacity of 12 liters.

With this much room, you can pack your devices in without worry of scratching or breaking.

It is secure and comfortable when hiking as it is sufficiently cushioned to protect camera gear and the carrier's back and shoulders. 

Additionally, the backpack has accessory pouches for smaller items, like batteries and chargers, to separate them from larger, heavier objects. Lastly, the backpack comes with a waterproof rain cover, making it outdoor-friendly.


  • It can fit 1 DSLR camera and up to 5 lenses
  • Pocket for tripod holder
  • Compression pockets for delicate gadgets
  • Under 4 pounds in weight
  • Cushioned shoulder straps
  • Zipper pulls for easy opening and closing
  • Adjustable compartments to fit different sized equipment
  • Sewn-in durable, weather-proof sailcloth
  • Comfortable for people of different ages and sizes


  • Bulky
  • Not versatile
  • It does not fit in airline storage spaces under seats
  • Heavy (almost 4 pounds)
  • No internal zip-up pockets

Buying Guide: What to Look for When Choosing Designer Backpacks

The quality of your backpack depends on several factors. As stylish as designer bags are, practicality is necessary.

The purpose of your backpack is to serve as a guiding tool to the correct size, fit, and accessories. 


Firstly, the strength of your backpack is down to the material. Frequently used accessories wear away, but that is not an excuse to settle for a cheap alternative.

Natural fibers are more expensive than artificial materials. It is usually because more labor is required to maintain their texture, style, or natural color. 

Some popular materials include:

  • Canvas

  • Denim

  • Leather

  • Linen

  • Cotton

  • Wool

  • Polyester

  • Nylon

Purpose of the Backpack

Next, the practicality of your backpack depends on your daily activity- your lifestyle. For example, college students carry books, laptops, bottles, jerseys, and other school items daily.

The more their backpack has, the less they have to lug other things in their arms. On the other hand, a long-distance runner may not need all the extra space and opt for something smaller and lighter.

The same applies to a hiker who needs extra compartments for utensils. 

Additionally, versatility is handy if you want something multifunctional. A student will most likely require a backpack that also serves as a laptop bag.


Choosing Designer Backpacks - Durability

The strength of your backpack is another essential factor. Materials have different durability. Some of the stronger materials include denim, leather, and canvas.

Cotton and linen, on the other hand, are light fibers and wear quickly. Some brands combine fabrics for both style and reinforcement. It is common to find canvas bags with leather detail. 

Secondly, the sewing and stitching techniques on the bag determine its longevity. Hand-stitched goods offer more precision and care, but machine-sewing can be firmer.


An additional factor is the size of the bag. The more spacious a bag is, the more practical it is. However, size and space are not identical, contrary to the thoughts of many.

A bag may be significant but not hold enough space inside, perhaps because the material is thick.

On the other hand, space includes pockets and additional compartments such as pen holders, side pockets, and expansion zips. 

Backpacks can come with stash pockets - secret spaces for valuables and utility pockets that can hold anything from books to keys and ID cards.

Spaciousness is perfect for practical everyday use, but a backpack does not require much space if it is a statement piece.


Choosing Designer Backpacks - Maintenance

Each material has its pros and cons, particularly regarding how you handle the product. Extending the bag's condition requires proper cleaning and storage. Canvas, for instance, is not water-resistant like leather.

Frequent exposure to water weakens the material. However, this also makes washing more manageable, and many canvas bags are machine washable. 

Leather is more expensive to maintain. Tanner or leather cleaner is required to keep the material strong and supple as it ages.

Cotton is light, but it is prone to tearing and wears quickly. Therefore, even handwashing has to be done carefully to prevent ripping.


Comfort is essential for your backpack choice, particularly if you use it frequently.

Nothing is more irritating than feeling all the jostle and jabs of the items in your bag against your back. Protect your back with an ergonomic backpack, one that is shock-resistant 

The straps also play a unique role. Padded or compressed straps can secure the bag on your back to prevent too much movement while reducing the friction and tension on your shoulders.

A good pair of straps should sit comfortably over your shoulders and under the arms. With adjustable straps, you get the added benefit of adjusting the bag’s position to your personal preference. 


Another point to factor in is your lifestyle values. Buyers are increasingly aware of choosing more eco-friendly and recyclable options in purchases.

Denim material is environmentally friendly as it can be recycled, reused, and ultimately long-lasting.

However, the manufacturing process includes chemical dyes, which may not be as environmentally friendly.

Canvas is a recyclable material. Another eco-friendly material is cotton which is sustainable and recyclable.

While leather may be an issue for environmentally conscious individuals, faux leather is a good alternative.


Choosing Designer Backpacks - Price

Secondly, price should be at the forefront of your decision. The good news is that not all designer bags fall into the 4-digit price range.

Many of them are affordable to the average salary-earner. However, your choice should fall within your budget as some brands are expensive. 

Some bags cost more because of their role. A camera bag is likely to cost more than a typical laptop bag because it has extra reinforcement, accessories, compartments, and space to accommodate a lot of fragile gear.

Leather also tends to be high-priced compared to cotton.

Design and Colour

Lastly, the aesthetic of a backpack sells more than any other quality. And practicality can be stylish. Backpacks come in all colors and styles, influencing choice.

Materials like cotton and canvas can accommodate a more extensive color range than leather. 

Design is not only about the external appearance. Many people appreciate a minimalist, simple design on a business or laptop backpack.

Hikers and campers may require more external compartments to access their items quickly.

The internal details matter as well. The sewing detail, the strapping, the zips, clips, and velcro patches add zest and detail, too.

The design accentuates your personality. A cameraman requires a bag that is well-cushioned and strong to carry the heavy yet fragile cameras and gadgets.

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Is artificial material as strong as natural fibers?

Some artificial fabrics offer the same durability as authentic ones. For instance, faux leather is very similar to genuine leather. If it is made well, very few eyes can spot the difference.

Faux leather is more durable and stronger than lighter materials like cotton and linen. However, other synthetic fibers are not as durable as their natural counterparts. Polyester, for instance, is likely to wear quicker than canvas. 

What kind of backpacks are vegan-friendly?

What kind of backpacks are vegan-friendly

Many backpacks are made from natural plant matter. Some of these include linen, cotton, and canvas.

Synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon are also perfect for a vegan lifestyle because they are man-made. 

However, each backpack company uses different techniques to create its accessories. Researching a company can helpfully provide all the details on their bags and the materials used. 

Is polyester a good option for a backpack?

Polyester is a popular choice for many buyers, but the quality depends on the brand, their sewing style, and the backpack's overall design.

Polyester in a travel backpack works well, mainly if the load is light. It is durable and recyclable. 

However, the material is flammable and prone to staining. Therefore, it is crucial to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages and purchase with the purpose of the backpack in mind.


In conclusion, factor in your lifestyle, material preference, unique taste, and comfort when selecting your next designer bag. Designer bags are high-quality accessories that offer durability, style, and versatility.

Before your purchase, some points to include are the material, size and space, comfort, maintenance conditions, and, if you are environmentally conscious, its impact on the environment. 

Furthermore, the bag's purpose determines its style, as its use determines the material, the internal make-up of compartments and pockets, the straps, and the extra accessories. 

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