Are Duffle Bags Allowed As Checked Luggage?

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Duffel bags have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they can also be used for nearly every single occasion.

Perhaps your duffel bag is too large to be handled as a carry on bag, or you have just found that a duffel bag seems to be more convenient to fit everything you need for your next trip; duffel bags are perfect for checked luggage and a better alternative to backpacks or suitcases.

They are designed to hold as much as you can conveniently carry, and you can use a duffel bag on any airline.

This post will discuss the use of duffel bags as checked baggage when traveling and the travel tips on packing them as checked baggage.

Can you use a duffel bag as checked luggage?

Yes, duffel bags are acceptable as checked luggage on any airline. The only thing to keep in mind is that it does not exceed the size and weight limits.

Even though your checked carry on duffel bags surpasses the weight and size limits, you can still transport it for extra fees.

While suitcase may be a preferred option for checked bags, airlines do not require that your bag have wheels. As a result, you can check a duffel bag, a suitcase, or a cardboard box as checked baggage.

Use Duffel Bag As Checked Luggage

Duffel Bag Size For Checked Luggage

While each airline has its own set of rules and regulations for both checked-in and carry on baggage, the majority of them use the same standard measurements for checked carry on luggage.

Irrespective of the type of duffel bag, backpack, or suitcase you are bringing, they have to measure up to 62 linear inches. This is the total of the three dimensions (height, width, and depth) of the bag you're bringing.

Talking of weight, your duffel bag is limited to a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Of course, the weight and size requirements vary by airline, so double-check before you setout.

Most airlines will permit you to check one piece of luggage for free if your bag is within the size and weight limits. Alternatively, if your duffel bag is overweight or oversized, you will then be charged extra fees.

Roller duffels should be avoided because they are heavier than regular duffel bags. This is particularly essential if you have to adhere to strict weight limits.

What is the best duffel bag for checked luggage?

This duffel bag is the best choice for a long journey or for carrying more items. When not in use, it folds flat, but when opened, it has six different pockets and a large one (main) to keep your possessions organized.

It is made of waterproof and tear-resistant 600D polyester fabric. Its top-quality zippers are strong and long-lasting as they have been reinforced at major stress points.

It has versatile side straps as well as a shoulder strap which can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit.

If you are going on a weekend trip and don't need to bring many items, it's advisable to carry on your belongings rather than check them in.

Also, if you're going on a camping trip or somewhere where wheeled luggage might be difficult to transport, a sturdy duffel bag will be easier to carry around.

The Matador SEG42 Travel Pack is the perfect carry on duffel bag. It has the versatility of a duffel bag, and can also be converted into a backpack, making it easier to transport.

If you are bringing your laptop, there is a sleeve where you can securely tuck it. This carry on duffel bag has a clamshell zipper on the bottom where you can store dirty or large items.

The Matador SEG42 pack is made of strong, waterproof material, making it an excellent travel companion for travelers.

Another excellent duffel bag for use as check-in luggage. After purchase, this duffel can also be used as a backpack, with an innovative design full of space and compartments for you to transport all of your items.

The bag is sturdy and has enough space, so it will carry everything you need for your next adventure. It weighs 4.06 pounds and measures 15.75 x 27.56 x 15.75 inches.

Are you looking to purchase a large duffel bag while remaining within the maximum size limit? You might be interested in Bago 100L Travel and Sports Duffel.

It folds flat for easy storage and can be used as a sports bag, travel bag, best gym bags with shoe compartment, or perhaps an overnight bag when camping. Aside from the main compartment, it has a large shoe compartment as well as front pockets for smaller items.

Its fabric is water and tear-resistant and has two-way corded zippers which makes it easy to access your items. At the very same time, they are made of sturdy, high-quality materials that will not easily break.

Tips on packing your duffel bag on checked baggage

Tips On Packing Your Duffel Bag

Pack your belongings in a sturdy duffel bag

An ideal duffel bag is durable, spacious, and can accommodate all your belongings, with various compartments to store valuables.

A duffel bag of 50 to 75 liter packing capacity is perfect for transporting all of your packed stuff and additional items; most duffels have extra layers and do not exceed the airlines' checked baggage size limits.

If you ever want to take a carry on luggage on your adventure, a 75 liter or larger is a great option; it will hold almost all of your heavy items, mainly if it has additional straps.

Just so you know, a duffel bag with wheels are easier to use and can hold heavier loads than those without wheels.

Packing Cubes and Rolling Clothes

Use packing cubes to keep your outfits rolled up, organized, and easily accessible. Choose one that allows you to see inside, then you can roll your clothing items and stand them up so that you can see it all in a single cube.

You can then use multiple cubes to arrange your personal item further, whether by clothing type or in any other way you see fit. Once you've packed your cubes, first place them in your duffle bag to form a base.

Do not put fragile items inside your duffle bag

Fragile Items Inside

Duffel bags do not function as a hard-side checked bag; if you have fragile items in your duffle bag, there is a greater chance that airport baggage handlers will not take care of it; they simply toss luggage and load them into the airplane since they are in a hurry.

Separate the shoes in another compartment

Shoes get filthy, and we don't want them to stain our clean clothes. Pack your shoes in a separate area of your duffel bag away from your belongings.

Some travel duffels have a separate compartment for shoes. If your duffle happens not to have one, you can use a shoe bag for separation.

Straps should be tightened

When checking duffel bags, the strap can get stuck somewhere within the airport while carrying it; however, you can remove it or simply tie it together.

Place toiletries in reusable containers and a separate bag

Toiletries In Reusable Containers

Whether you are bringing everything you will need or just a few items to augment the hotel's freebies, make sure all gels and liquids are in containers not larger than 3.4 ounces. For these, a reusable container is recommended.

Then, place them in a single toiletry bag; it has to be small and clear if you are going through airport security, and place it on top of your bag.

This way, if you ever need to bring it out for a TSA security check or grab something mid-trip, you'll have easy access to it.

Make use of a TSA-approved lock

A TSA-approved lock is a lock that can be opened by a TSA agent without breaking it. A TSA-approved lock will provide more security for your duffel bag, and you can secure your personal item with a solid and well-built lock.

They are suitable for almost any type of luggage, and you can select locks that best suits your requirements.

Put paperwork in an outer pocket

Put your important documents (passport, notebook, boarding pass) in an accessible outer pocket. Because these small items can be easily misplaced, you will want them to be easily accessible.

Do not travel with an Unmarked Bag

Unmarked Bag

It is quite common for people to mistakenly grab wrong checked duffel bags or suitcases at baggage claim.

Lessen the chance by tying a brightly colored piece of string to your suitcase or using a one-of-a-kind baggage tag — so far it will make your luggage stand out in a sea of suitcases and not getting lost.

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Conclusion - Are Duffle Bags Allowed As Checked Luggage?

A duffel bag is acceptable as checked luggage on most airlines; however, you must first check your airline's luggage weight and size regulations. Duffel bags are also great for carrying personal items.

Before transporting your duffel bag, simply ensure that the handle or backpack straps are properly secured. If it happens to be a duffel with a backpack, keep them together so they do not move around loosely.

Choose the best carry on duffel bag, take note of the packing and travel tips, and prepare for the trip.

With these, you can be assured that the duffel bag will complement your style, your professional appearance, and secure your personal item. Besides, everyone adores a duffel bag.

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