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The sling bag is a chameleon that changes its appearance to fit the environment. The various types of sling bags are determined by how the wearer chooses to wear or carry his sling bag.

Sling bags are both a fashion statement and a practical way to carry essentials while traveling the world. Consider them a cross between a backpack and your pockets for your own definition.

On the other hand, those fanny packs are also small pouches worn around the waist and have buckles or fork-shaped hooks.

It has one handle and two zips, one in the stomach area and one horizontal zip between the stomach and the handle.

We'll walk you through choosing the best sling bag or fanny pack for your situation, delving into all the different aspects and explaining what works best in various situations.

With all of the information and necessary knowledge in this guide, you should be able to tell the difference between a sling bag and a fanny pack.

What's The Difference Between a Sling bag and a Hip pack

Sling Bag

A hip pack is essentially a rebranded fanny pack, whereas a sling bag is something entirely different. Sling bags are typically larger in size and have long handles that can be worn as crossbody bags or shoulder bags.

They are almost always sling bags, albeit a poor one, but a sling bag is 22rarely a hip pack.

A bum bag is a smaller-sized bag with body straps, and a sling bag is larger and slung over the shoulder or across the chest.

Discussing hip packs are smaller in size and have body straps that can be tightened around the hips to allow for more movement. Hawkers frequently use this bag. It can, however, be used for fashion purposes.

For Sling bag and hip pack enthusiasts, we will be looking at some differences between the two. Sling bags are perfect for your flight essentials.

It can be used as a travel companion, while hip packs are well suited for hawking.

However, fanny packs can be occasionally encountered while traveling.

Sling bags are also best won on casual outfits such as polo shirts and jeans. Fanny packs, on the other hand, are best won on body-con gowns.

Depending on the bag's size, sling bags may include items like iPads, mini laptops, books, car keys, phone chargers, wallets, and other similar items.

Hip bags are ideally designed to be small; they are intended to hold money, cell phones, and other small items.

Sling bags are also mostly preferred to be won by men, while women prefer hip bags more. Sling bags come in many different compartments where you can keep your items.

Hip bags are mostly designed to two pockets, the outer pocket always around the stomach area of the bag and the main pocket.

Handles of Sling bags are bolder and longer, while that of the hip pack comes with a smaller and shorter handle. The style of a sling bag is defined by how it is worn.

Even when worn as shoulder bags or crossbody bags, a hip pack is always a hip pack.

What is a Sling bag

Sling Bag

A sling bag is designed to be worn across the chest or back and secured to the body with a cross-shoulder strap.

The buckle is usually off-center, the straps connect diagonally, and the body of the bag is oblong. The different types of sling bags are derived from how the wearer decides to wear or carry his sling bag.

If you wear it across your body, with the bag resting on your chest, it becomes a sling chest bag; if you also wear it as a single-handed backpack, it becomes a sling.

A sling bag is an excellent place to keep your essential items, especially while traveling.

Toss everything into your sling and toss the whole thing in a bin as you breeze through airport security like a pro and avoid unnecessary security shuffle. Unlike pockets, it can hold almost everything you could possibly need in flight.

It has a small zipper teeth pocket in the front for your wallet or phone and a larger main compartment for everything else.

Sling bags are portable and lightweight. Particularly those designed for travel, they weigh almost nothing and can be stored flat in one backpack. You can pack it and forget about it until you need your sling.

Small sling bags are more comfortable to carry, fit better inside a larger travel backpack, and are considered personal items by most airlines.

It can also be used for festivals, everyday transportation, hiking and other outdoor activities. Basically, sling bags make it easy for you to do a million other things with convenience.

What is a fanny pack

fanny bag

Hip bags, bum bags, belt bags, messenger bags, waist bags, whatever you want to call them, fanny packs are convenient, cute, and versatile.

These lightweight, dependable bags can be worn around the waist, hips or as a crossbody bag. The straps are adjustable strap so you can adjust them to fit properly. It is similar to a purse worn around the waist.

Fanny packs are traditionally worn around the waist, almost as a pocket replacement. However, fashionable people have recently reimagined the look by wearing the belt bag over the shoulder.

Why a fanny pack?

There are numerous advantages to wearing a fanny pack. This small bag is ideal for storing a cell phone, hand sanitizer, and lipstick.

It's become a popular bag to wear with workout clothes on hikes or to sling over the shoulder while biking or jogging.

Fanny packs are a great way to keep all your essentials within reach. It is very effective for carrying stuff easier. Whether you need to carry your phone and wallet from home to work, store energy bars and water bottles on a Sunday hike, or keep sunscreen and tissues handy for a family trip.

For all you fanny pack lovers, it's much more comfortable than you think. Unless you're used to wearing cargo pants with all the pockets stuffed with your phone, wallet, keys, and gum and find it comfortable, a fanny pack is a far better option.

Sling bag vs Fanny pack - which one would you prefer?

fanny bag


Given the variety of uses for these packs, there isn't a single bag that will suit everyone. The bag I would prefer is a fashionable and functional sling bag. With a few suggestions, I would explain why you would prefer it.

With it, my travel essentials are securely fastened to my body while remaining easily accessible. I also got a free extra piece of hand luggage, and it became easy to quickly grab a snack along the way.

With plenty of compartments to spare, it is the ideal size for carrying important things I will need. Things like my phone, charger, wallet, keys, boarding pass, and a pen for filling out customs forms.

Sling bags exude class and style, while waist packs are also useful for carrying small items while out and about.

This carrying option is an excellent compromise between your backpack and pockets. Another reason why I would prefer it is because of its amazing sling bag features.

The trend makes sense: sling bags are ideal for warmer weather. No more backpack sweat.

While I obviously appreciate the streamlined functionality of a fanny pack. I believe the real reason I wear it so frequently is to keep my belongings safe.

They are the ideal bag for a day at the beach or a day out seeing the sights in a travel destination.

They are lightweight and portable also contributes to their ability to keep me comfortable and cool on those hot summer days. They are much more convenient and comfortable to move about all day.

Their shoulder straps are typically wider and more padded. Because of the shape of the shoulder strap and bag, they usually fit the human body better, which is why I prefer them.

One sling bag I love is the crossbody bag. The crossbody sling bag is a fresh take on an old concept. Consider the humble fanny pack. Consider wearing it on your back, slung over one shoulder.

And there's a lot more style to it, as well as more pockets and a wider range of materials in some cases. It also has enough space and ensures organized gear to carry just the essentials.

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Fanny packs' hipster cousin is the sling bag. Sling bags are both a fashion statement and a practical way to carry essentials while traveling the world.

A large purse or duffel can be quite bulky. When you're on the go, you don't want your hands full with phones, wallets, and keys; you only need to carry the essentials. The solution, of course, is to bring a bag everywhere you go.

A sling bag, belt bag, or crossbody bag is an excellent alternative.

Even though sling bags and fanny packs can be worn however the wearer chooses, the fact remains that while all fanny packs can be worn as sling bags, all sling bags cannot be worn as fanny packs.

Frequently Asked Question

Is a Fanny pack considered a carry-on

Carry-on bags should not exceed 22 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 9 inches in height, including handles and wheels. Fanny packs are not considered carry-on luggage.

Carry-on regulations allow for one piece of luggage that fits within the dimensions of the airline's carry-on, as well as a personal bag/purse/laptop bag.

Can I use a fanny pack as a shoulder bag

Without a doubt, yes. Fanny packs can be used as shoulder bags. The sizes, however, may deter the wearer from doing so. Opinions will differ, but fanny packs should stay fanny packs and not be converted into shoulder bags or even crossbody bags.

However, slinging your fanny pack over your shoulder isn't always a bad idea. There are some days when your mood screams "leisure."

On days like these, strapping a bag around your waist may seem like too much effort, and all you want to do is sling your fanny pack over your shoulder.

I always carry my sling bags as shoulder bags. There are sling bags that are a bit larger enough to be worn as shoulder bags. As a result, why wear a fanny pack as a shoulder bag when a sling bag suffices?

Aside from size, the shape of a fanny pack can prevent it from being used as a shoulder bag.

This is due to the fact that most fanny packs are horizontal in shape, and for some, wearing it as a shoulder bag is akin to wearing the back side of a t-shirt and pretending it is a convenient way to wear it.

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