Best Sling Bags For Your Hiking Venture

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Adventure is a game of nerves, one of the favorite activities of strong-hearted people. Hiking is fun and a struggle at the same time.

One can lower the risks and troubles associated with the hike by choosing the most comfortable bag to carry on their tour. Yes! A sling bag would be the perfect choice in your scenario. 

Reasons to Buy a Sling Backpack to Go On a Hike

Are you confused about whether you should buy that bag or not? Will it suit your tour, or is it the wrong choice? Well, we are here to solve your problem!

A sling bag is usually an oblong shape bag with an adjustable shoulder strap that is connected diagonally across your body.

Following are some reasons to purchase and take this bag on your hike:

Why Sling Backpack for Hiking

1.   A Classic Choice for Carrying Trip Essentials

If your hike is a full day long, you sometimes need extra essentials instead of basic ones.

Because of its perfect size, the sling bag will give you the most support when carrying your tour accessories.

If you are going to capture the marvels of nature, we suggest you buy a camera sling bag with zippered pockets.

2.   In Fashion Bags

These packable are the latest trend in the world of fashion. All the high-end brands and even the street markets are full of these bags.

They are an excellent example of the blend of trend and convenience.

3.   Easily Reachable

Hiking requires items that are easily reachable without much effort. A sling backpack is effortless to access if worn on the chest.

Moreover, if you carry the bag on your back, you can easily reach it by moving it in front of you using the straps.

4.   The Best Option For Security Purposes

This bag can be worn on the front, reducing the chances of things being stolen or falling down without being noticed.

This feature outshines the sling bag from other backpacks. 

9 Top Sling Bags to Wear on Hikes

If you find it challenging to search tons of websites to purchase the best sling bag, we are here to help you!

We have reviewed and selected the nine best sling bags for hiking for you:

1.  G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack

The G4Free Tactical Bag is a lightweight, multipurpose packable. The bag comes in six different colors; Black and Army green are the best colors.

The 3 big compartments and multiple pockets allow you to carry many necessary items in an organized way.

This bag has 2 shoulder straps; the main one of 7 inches, and the extended one of 40 inches.

These straps also have durable buckles, altogether provide massive support and comfort.

The Sling Shoulder Backpack is lined internally with polyester, which makes it highly durable and long-lasting.

The switchable shoulder clips and zipper closures are some other notable features.

In addition, it is one of the ideal everyday carry bags for outdoor adventures like hike, climbing, cycling, etc.


  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced durability
  • High quality
  • Several pockets


  • None

2.  Patagonia Atom 8L

8L Patagonia Sling is a dual-compartment sling bag that comes in a single size.

The sleek style makes the bag stylish, whereas high-quality material is stamped on its durability.

This shoulder bag is manufactured with recycled material, so if you purchase it, you will play your part in mitigating pollution.

The mixture of polyester/nylon fabric places it in a waterproof sling bag category.

The bag is perfectly suitable to carry on hiking trails and other travel pursuits due to its sporty design.

In addition to the main compartments, the adjustable strap has zippered pockets to carry small stuff like keys, penknives, etc.

The bag fits firmly on your chest and back, close to your body, as you wish to wear it.

This EDC pack contains breathable mesh to keep you ventilated in hot conditions and adjustable buckles to enhance comfort.


  • Travel friendly
  • Environmental friendly
  • Blend of style and comfort


  • Over prized

3.  Osprey Ultralight Pack

This Ultralight Stuff Pack under the brand name Osprey is the best sling bag for hiking.

The highly voluminous bag, with a capacity of approximately 18 liters, will carry all the stuff you need for long trips.

The packable material is RFID protected, so you should not be worried about the stealing of your data.

One of the highlighting features is the Carry Case. By the time you reach your destination, you can unpack and fold this sling in its small case.

The bag is provided with a side stretch mesh pocket to hold your water bottle, map, and other accessories during the trek.

Are you tired of heavy and bulky bags and looking for something light? The bag under discussion is ultralight and measures only 3 ounces in weight.

It comes in various colors and is suitable for both males and females.


  • Easily accessible
  • Voluminous
  • Can be folded into a pocket-sized bag


  • Straps are a little uncomfortable

4.  Monsoon Gearslinger Maxpedition

The Monsoon Maxpedition bag is available in a teardrop-shaped design or a triangular shape, making it worthy of wearing on urban and suburban tours.

Its large size allows you to carry numerous items on your hike. The main strap that fits on the right shoulder is padded and non-slip.

Furthermore, this pack has a waist strap, which makes it perfect for adventurous activities and motorcycle rides.

This Gearslinger is equipped with a headphone port comprised of rubber material. In addition, it meets your hydration requirements for the trip by providing a side pocket for holding your bottle.

You can face harsh weather conditions if you go for a long hike. Therefore, you need a bag that tackles these problems.

This Monsoon sling has over flaps that are weather resistant, so consider it for your next venture.


  • High quality
  • Sizable pockets


  • Needs design adjustments
  • The khaki color becomes dirty and appears muddy in no time.

5.  LP36899PWW Slingshot Edge

The Lowepro 250 AW is one of the best sling bags for creators. It is known for holding DSLRs, DJI Mavic Pro, and other camera gear. Its graceful and slim design makes it a better choice for fashion lovers.

This black pack has ample inside space with many zippered pockets and dividers. The front zipper pocket provides the perfect compartment for sunglasses, tablets, etc.

Furthermore, the side pocket with ultra-easy access makes the Edge 250 AW the best camera sling bag.

2 shoulder straps are available with the bag that can be detached, and quick-release buckles. You can attach your tripod with these straps to further ease your hike.

You must be amazed to read all the features, but the following one makes it the best sling bag for hiking.

The all-weather AW cover protects the bag and your stuff inside from all types of harsh weather conditions.


  • Perfect for holding cameras
  • Various zippered pockets
  • Long-lasting


  • None

6.  Sitka Gearslinger Maxpedition

The Sitka Maxpedition sling bag is made especially for tourists and activities like hiking, cycling, etc.

This bag, manufactured in Vietnam, can also be used for office commutes, as it is spacious enough to hold your office essentials like a laptop, files, etc.

The bag will overcome all your security concerns as it has multiple zippered pockets and pouches if you use it for a trip.

The Y-shaped strap completes its sling vibe and gives magnificent support.

You can wear the bag on each side of your body, i.e., back and front. The bag style enables you to access the pockets without removing them from your shoulders.

Moreover, the bag can hold a 100-ounce water bottle, making it a perfect fit for hiking trips. 


  • Rugged fabric
  • Fixed solid strap


  • Expensive
  • Small secondary pockets

7.  Red Rock Rover Sling Pack

The Red Rock pack is known for its copious amount of compartments. The largest one can hold devices like tablets or ipads etc.

Nine small pouches in the bag help you keep things organized and detangled. Several dividers are present in the bag as well.

Furthermore, the outer side of the bag has Molle cladding or webbing for connecting additional gear.

The bag has the amazing feature of having an ambidextrous strap. Thanks to this strap, you can wear the bag on either side of the shoulder!

The immediate-release buckles and the strap provide easy access to the pockets.

The bag has a concealed-carry sleeve on the backside of the bag, allowing you to carry your pistol effortlessly.

It's also suitable for everyday care, being made of polyester material.


  • Numerous compartments and pockets
  • Beautiful design


  • Short shoulder strap

8.  Nicgid Chest Shoulder Sling bag for Men

The Nicgid crossbody bag is preferable due to its unique style and practical design.

It is one of the best waterproof sling bags due to its inner nylon lining and rip-resistant nylon. 

The design of this Nicgid sling makes it versatile and flexible to use on many occasions.

You can style it with almost every outfit and take it on all traveling journeys like hiking, walking, visiting theme parks, museums, etc. The bag has a zipper closure in all its pockets, large or small.

It also has a concealed anti-theft pocket to make your highly prized and valuable items secured.

The adjustable shoulder strap with soft padding helps you to carry your hiking stuff without strain and stress.

This is the best sling in terms of sturdiness and quality and is highly durable even in harsh environmental conditions. It will never disappoint you on your dangerous tours.


  • Amazing design
  • Large variety of color shades
  • Spacious


  • None

9.  SEEU Ultralight Bag 20L

The SEEU bag, with its up-to-date design and highly comfortable experience, can be the best sling bag for a hiking tour.

The shoulder strap of the bag is designed to release tiredness with its 3D back pad and breathable texture. It has an interchangeable strap, so you can wear the bag on any shoulder you want.

The ultimate quality fabric of this bag makes it fade-resistant and keeps away all the scratches and damage, making it the best sling for all outdoor activities.

The bag has a premium design with the quality to wear in several ways. You can slide this pack on your body without any friction.

If we talk about space, this packable has 5 different pockets for different purposes. The headphone holder and ultra-light weight are some other noteworthy features.


  • Numerous pockets


  • Rough-quality zipper pulls

Prime Features to Look For In a Sling Bag

While purchasing a new sling bag, some characteristics should be kept in mind.

These features not only ensure a trouble-free hike but are usable on other journeys as well; they are listed below:

Features To Look For In A Sling Bag

Durability of the Bag

Adventurous activities require a bag that lasts longer and withstands all the rough and taxing conditions of the tour.

Select a carrier made of materials like leather, canvas, nylon, or waterproof PVC. These materials will save your language from harsh weather and other damaging conditions.

Comfortable to Carry

Consider a long walk in a forest or an arduous climb up the mountains; the most critical feature your bag should have is “COMFORT.”

You should select the one that fits your size and have a padded shoulder strap. In this way, the bag will not leave you with shoulder pain.

You might also be interested in our honest reviews on Top 5 Best Sling Bags for Men, check it out!

Appropriate Size

The size of the bag is another crucial trait to consider while buying a new sling. The size and capacity of your bag depend upon the type and duration of your hiking trip.

Usually, a single-day tour needs a 15-30 liter bag (here! the capacity is measured in liters).

Number of Pockets

More pockets mean more space to carry equipment. You should prefer a bag having zippered pockets instead of simple ones to ensure safety.

Open pockets can hold frequently used items like a map, water bottle, snacks, etc.

Proper Ventilation

Hiking activities in summer can be exhausting and sweaty. Mesh is connected to the inner frame of certain sling bags.

It's a breathable mesh that hangs a few inches from your back to keep you cool.

In-Fashion Colors for Sling Bag

In-Fashion Colors For Sling Bag

Colors impart a greater impact on your outfit. The colors you wear on different occasions reflect different aspects of your personality.

Colors describe your choices, your mood, and your aesthetics. You might be looking for the best and most trendy colors in sling bags. Here is some suggestion!

Black is a classic and all-time favorite color in bags and enables you to hike in style. However, if you want a more subtle look, go for Loden Green, the hue that depicts stability and comfort.

Another option is a deep reddish brown or burgundy, an example color for a shoulder bag that suits every outfit and is a more popular choice in the fall. 

All above, the grey color is on top of the list in viewer choice! It is ideal if you want anything stylish as well as operational.

Things You Should Carry In Sling Bag on the Hike

Things To Carry on Hike

Once you select the bag you are carrying on the tour; you must search for the things you will take with you in that bag.

The hiking essentials should be according to the trip requirements. For example, if your trek runs through the forest, consider carrying a raincoat, knife, bear spray, etc.

Your water bottle and food items should be the top priorities; the first aid kit is the second most important.

You must be prepared for every possible emergency during your hike!

For longer trails, place extra batteries, a camera, a map of the area, a compass, and a communication device in your sling pack. You should not forget sun protection!

You run the risk of burning your skin and eyes from the sun's glaring rays if you don't use sunscreen and sunglasses.

Finally, if you intend to spend the night, bring some form of illumination, such as a headlamp or flashlight, as well as a fire starter to light the fire.

A Sling Bag or a Backpack: What Is a Better Choice for Hiking?

Selecting the right bag is as essential to a hiking tour as choosing a suitable trail to reach your destination.

One wrong decision and you are lost in the mountains or the forest. Similarly, the mistake in selecting the type of bag can lead you into big trouble.

Most people nowadays admire taking sling bags with them on their trek, in case you are wondering which packable is better; a Sling or a Backpack.

Sling bags enable you to carry what's important, unlike the backpack, which complements your urge to take unnecessary items and overload yourself.

The sling bag is much more breathable and provides increased ventilation when the sweat pours during a long and tiring hike.

The trip duration is another important factor in deciding on a bag type. A sling bag is a fruitful choice for a short or single-day hike!

Are you looking for more information? Our in-depth comparison on Sling Bag vs Backpack will help you pick the right one!

Different Ways to Wear a Sling Bag

Ways To Wear A Sling Bag

You might be interested in understanding how to wear and style sling backpacks.

Traditionally, these bags are worn on the back of your body, keeping your hands free without blocking your front view.

Unlike the messenger bag, which can only be worn one way, the sling bag can also be worn on the chest.

This type is trendier nowadays as the style spread quickly thought the world from New York (where it originated).

The front styling of packs, for example, the neat pack canvas sling bag, is more practical because it allows you to access your stuff easily and keeps them from being stolen.

If you are in a hurry, you can simply put the bag on your shoulder, and you are good to go! The last way you can rock your sling is by wearing it on your waist.

Although a little less popular these days, it is still the best way to keep your important documents safe.


Choosing the bag has sheer importance if we talk about traveling and adventure activities.

Sling bags overpowered all the other types due to their practice style, security provisions, and modish characters.

The availability of classic colors and different designs makes it a popular choice.

Analyze the amazing options given in this article and choose your best sling bag for hiking activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Carrying A Sling Bag The Wrong Choice For Your Back?

It is a wrong perception that a single shoulder or sling bag can cause back pain or heart spine.

If you wear that bag properly and follow all the instructions, it will never hurt you. Another essential thing to consider is not being overweight.

If you add more stuff and exceed the allowed weight, you will eventually end up having sore back and neck pain.

Choose the correct size as well! If you are wearing a short bag or a larger one that is not your size, you cannot enjoy all the benefits of a sling bag.

What Is The Ideal Material For A Sling Bag?

Bags should be made with tough and rugged materials to ensure their longevity.

Nylon is the best material for sling bags, making them waterproof and weather-resistant.

Nylon bags are more resistant and durable as compared to polyester bags (a second favorite choice).

Leather can also be considered a good choice for sling backpacks when you are using them in urban areas.

However, nylon is the best choice for the hike and traveling purposes.

What Is The Distinction Between A Sling And A Crossbody Bag?

The sling bag serves as a utility bag, commonly used for rides, sports, and expeditions such as hiking or traveling.

The crossbody bag style is exemplary for days when you want to walk around the city streets while keeping your hand free and maintaining your style game.

In addition, the sling bags are mostly made of polyester, nylon, canvas, and other tough materials, whereas the crossbody bags usually come in conventional leather.

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