How to Wear a Messenger Bag To Be Comfortable On Tours

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If you have ever used a messenger bag, then you know that it is one of the most versatile pieces of luggage out there.

Whether you're on vacation or going to work, the bag can be used as a briefcase and even as an EDC (every day carry) bag when traveling.

In fact, messenger bags are so popular that they are often referred to as "backpacks for professionals."

That's not just because they look like backpacks—they also offer many of the same features and benefits!

Let's take a look at how to wear messenger bags.

Different Types Of Messenger Bags

Different Types Of Messenger Bags

In order to find the best messenger bag for you, it's important to understand what types of bags are available.

  • Saddle Messenger Bag: These are the old-school style of bags that have been around since the inception of backpacks.
    They're large enough to fit bulky items like a laptop and other essentials, but not so large that they're cumbersome when carrying them over your shoulder.
  • Military Messenger Bag: This type of leather bags has become popular because it looks like an actual military uniform when worn!
    The two main draws here are how much storage space they have inside compared with others on this list (upwards toward 50%), as well as their price point (starting at $80+).
  • Vertical Messenger Bag: If you want something shorter than a traditional saddle or military model but still want plenty of room for everything else—like books or electronics—then consider getting yourself one of these vertical models instead!

    They'll save valuable inches off your legs while still giving you all those extra pockets needed for travel essentials such as tablets/phones/etc., making this leather messenger bag ideal whether traveling solo or with friends/family members who need their own space too!

Saddle Messenger Bag

Saddle Messenger Bag

Saddlebags are a cross between a messenger bag and a shoulder bag. They're the most popular type of messenger bag, because they can be worn like an over-the-shoulder or cross-body pouch and look stylish while doing it.

Moreover, saddlebags also offer the most versatility, you can wear it as messenger bag or shoulder bag and if you're traveling around Europe, there's no better way to do this than with a saddlebag.

Saddles are comfortable enough that you won't notice your baggage until after someone else has already tripped over it (which is exactly what happened to me once).

This makes them perfect for long days of walking through cities full of tourists around town—you'll never have any trouble finding places where you can store your things safely away from prying eyes!

Military Messenger Bag

Military Messenger Bag

A military messenger bag is a great bag to use for travel. It's also good for men, women and students.

Most of them are made with faux leather, and have multiple pockets. So, if you want to feel comfortable while traveling in any type of weather or situation, then military bags is the perfect bag for you!

Vertical Messenger Bag

Vertical Messenger Bag

The vertical messenger bag is a bag that has a single strap that goes over the shoulder. It's ideal for cyclists, because it allows them to carry their bike with them on tours.

More so, these bags are also convenient for businesspeople who need to carry multiple things in one place—they're easy to store and can be carried by hand or hung from your back.

Vertical messenger bags are great for short trips because they're more compact than traditional messenger bags and don't take up much space when folded up.

Briefcase Messenger Bag

Briefcase Messenger Bag

A briefcase messenger bag is a messenger bag that is designed to look like a briefcase. It's small and can fit your laptop, but it won't hold all of your stuff in the same way as a backpack would.

In fact, the satchel messenger bag is similar to this, except that instead of being made out of leather or other materials that might make you feel like you're going into business meetings (we assume), it looks more like a satchel.

Both these options are great alternatives for touring if you want something functional and stylish at the same time—just don't go too crazy with how many pockets there are!

Satchel Messenger Bag

Satchel Messenger Bag

If you have a need for the most versatility and comfort, the satchel messenger bag is for you. A satchel messenger bag is a combination of a backpack and a messenger bag.

Furthermore, they're made from canvas bags or leather and have an attached flap that covers the front of the bag so it doesn't flap in the wind like traditional messenger bags do when worn cross-body.

Satchels or canvas bags are popular with both men and women because they allow you to carry large amounts of stuff while still being comfortable enough to wear all day long!

The Right Way to Wear a Messenger Bag

The best way to carry your bag is across your body, but not so much that it feels like a backpack or shoulder bag.

Imagine wearing an old-fashioned sash over one shoulder and letting it hang down loosely covering most of your back—that's what it should feel like when you're wearing this style of bag.

If you want something even more casual, try putting on an empty canvas messenger bags instead: just throw in some clothes and toiletries (or whatever else), then toss it over both shoulders like normal!

The next time someone asks how long does my tour last? Tell them five days instead of four because "I have too much stuff!"

Choose the Best Color for You

The color of your messenger bag is a personal style and choice, and it should match your style. If you're going to be wearing something else on tour (like a shirt), choose a bolder color that matches the rest of your outfit. 

If you're planning on using this bag as an everyday purse, then go with something more neutral or subtle.

You'll also want to consider what season is coming up when choosing colors for your leather bag.

Spring is all about bright flowers and summery blues; fall brings in darker hues like browns and grays; winter has deeper tones like black or navy blue.

Crossbody or Shoulder Strap?

Crossbody or Shoulder Strap bag

Crossbody bags are the most comfortable, versatile and fashionable way to carry your bag.

They are also more secure than shoulder straps because they have a front pocket for valuables and two vertical straps that cross over the body to hold it close to your body.

If you're looking for something more secure or stylish than a messenger style bag then look no further!

You can find crossbody bags with buckles that fasten around the top of your shoulders so that when you're walking down streets it won't flop around easily.

If this doesn't sound good for you then keep reading below where we'll talk about why we think these bags are great choices for touring!

Wear It Crossbody-Style

If you're going to wear a messenger bag, then let it be crossbody-style. This is the most comfortable and easiest way of carrying your belongings around without having them get in the way.

Plus, it's also easier for you to access what you need when on tour because all of your items are close at hand.

If you don't have time or money to invest in quality luggage (or if you're just not sure what that means), then consider getting a cheap daypack instead!

They'll do just fine until whatever happens next—whether that's finding something more suitable or needing more space between yourself and all those pockets full of stuff like phones/keys/etc., etc.

Carry It by Hand

Carry messenger bag by Hand
  • Carry it by hand. This is the most comfortable way to carry a messenger bag, because you can hold it in your hands and move around easily.
  • Don't carry it on your back or hip (unless you're wearing a backpack). These positions put pressure on both shoulders, which can lead to pain and discomfort over time.
  • Don't wear the bag so that its weight rests on your chest (or stomach), as this will cause pain in those areas as well.

Dress Up Your Bag

You can also dress up your bag by adding a wide shoulder strap or strap pad according to personal style and your body size.

This will give you more options when it comes to carrying it around, as well as make it easier to access things inside the bag.

You can choose from different materials that are available in the market: leather straps, cotton straps and nylon straps among others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you carry in a messenger bag?

What do you carry in a messenger bag

When you're out on tour, what do you carry in your messenger bag?

The answer is: Everything. But not just any old thing—the key to wearing a messenger bag comfortably is to have exactly things every man should carry in his bag and nothing more.

If your phone has more features than are necessary for this trip (or if it's old), put it away and leave it at home. 

Moreover, if there's something else that could be included in your kit (like an umbrella), don't bring it along; if there's anything extra that seems unnecessary based on the weather conditions at hand, put those things into storage until next time when things might not be so sunny and warm outside.

It’s easy enough for anyone who owns one of these handy bags with extra pockets inside them to fill them up with all sorts of stuff: pens/pocket knife/sharpies/watch…you name it!

But we think our favorite things about messenger bags are how open-ended they allow us as travelers—they allow us freedom from conventionality while still allowing ourselves flexibility when needed most.

Which side do you wear a messenger bag?

If you are right-handed, wear the bag on your left side. This will make it easier for you to reach into the bag and pick up things from inside of it. In contrast, if you are left-handed, then wear the bag on your right side.

This will help ensure that all items in the messenger bag stay organized and easily accessible when needed by either hand (and if there is anything worth keeping out of sight at all times).

If you are ambidextrous (meaning that both hands can use either an object or tool), then choose whichever side feels more comfortable for carrying around while traveling with a messenger bag - either way works fine!

Why Use a Messenger Bag When Riding in a Bike?

Why Use a Messenger Bag When Riding in a Bike

When you're riding your bike, there are a number of reasons to use a messenger bag.

  • Safety: The most obvious reason is that the bag protects the rider from falling off while they're on their bikes.
    This can be especially important if you're riding in remote areas or at night and need to carry extra items with you.
  • Comfort: If you wear glasses, carrying one of these bags allows them to rest comfortably against your face, instead of digging into it every time someone bumps into them or leans against them accidentally (which happened several times during my travels).
  • Accessibility: Whether it's because we have too many things packed into our bags already or just because we like having more options when traveling somewhere new—we often find ourselves wanting something from our backpacks but not being able to reach around them easily enough without feeling awkward about it (or worse yet—losing something!).

Is wearing a messenger bag bad for your shoulders and back?

If you're going on a tour and want to look stylish, carrying your stuff in a messenger bag is the best option. It's comfortable, stylish and has so many pockets for all your stuff!

Messenger bags are great for people who like to carry their stuff in a fashionable way.

They are also great for people who want to be able to fit everything they need into one bag without having to carry around multiple bags or backpacks at once.

These types of bags come in different sizes and styles depending on what kind of person you are.

There are classic messenger bag that have been around since ancient times, but today there are also newer styles such as satchels which can be used as everyday bags or even work ones if needed too!

To know more information, check this guide on Are Messenger Bags Bad For Your Back!

Are messenger bags a fashionable complement for men?

Are messenger bags a fashionable complement for men

Classic Messenger bags are a great way to carry your stuff. They sit on your hips and don't weigh on your back.

This is the reason why messenger bags have become such a popular accessory for men, especially those who often travel or work long hours at their desk.

Most messenger bags also makes a easy access to items that you want to be within reach while traveling, such as passport and tickets or even valuables like cell phones and cameras.

You can find messenger bag styles in stores or order them custom-made based on what's important to you!

Should I get a backpack or a messenger bag?

If you’re new to the world of travel, it can be difficult to know the best between messenger bag vs backpack.

In general, backpacks are more comfortable than messenger bags because they have more padding for your back and shoulders.

They also have exterior pockets for storing small items like water bottles or snacks; however, they don’t come with as interior pockets as their rival—the backpack does everything in one place!

Messenger bags on the other hand offer superior convenience by allowing users to carry more items at once without having them jostle around too much when being moved from place-to-place (which can cause discomfort).

This means that if someone has been working all day long then going home after work will likely be easier since they won't need another bag full of things like books or laptops etcetera).


Messenger bags are the perfect way to transport your stuff while traveling. They can be carried several ways, depending on what type of bag you prefer and how much you want to store inside it.

But don’t let the convenience fool you: these backpacks aren’t just convenient—they also come with a lot of benefits that make them worth investing in if you’re looking for something more than just an everyday leather messenger bag.

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