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When you picture a successful person, we bet you don't imagine someone with a cloth bag or backpack. Of course, we're not saying those things are bad, just that they aren't a part of most people's definition of success.

On the other hand, leather messenger bags are much more pleasing to the eye. There is just something so stylish about these bags that you can not deny the unmatchable attention these leather messenger bags attract. 

If you are looking for the best leather messenger bags for yourself or your loved one, you're in the right place.

We have everything in order, from quality to the best place to buy. All you need to do is carefully select the one you feel best matches yourself or the person you're gifting. 

We can confirm that you will get a top-tier messenger bag at the end of this guide. You don't need to worry about the minute aspects like colors, type, etc.; we have you covered. 

Top Leather Messenger Bags

After days of research, customer surveying, and testing, we've gathered the five best leather messenger bags you can find anywhere. Let's get into it.

This 16-inch Buffalo leather bag is all you need. The spacious product can be used for multiple purposes. Firstly, you can keep your laptop inside and carry it easily. 

Secondly, the bag has enough room to keep all your necessary files. So, you can keep your papers and pens inside as well. This bag has several features, but we'll cover just a few here. 

First of all, the bag is a vintage-styled leather bag for men. The bag's classical look is everlastingly stylish, and its sophisticated brown color is its specialty.

Furthermore, it is composed of the finest full-grain hunter buffalo leather. So, if your priority is strength, this bag is perfect for you. 

People who need to keep laptops or other heavy materials in their bags look for sturdiness because many bags can tear under a little strain.

To avoid this, the manufacturers of this bag used the finest leather, specially made to carry heavy weight without wear and tear. 

Another factor that may frustrate a customer is the absence of an adjustable shoulder strap. Unlike many rival bag manufacturers, the company is extra conscious of its customers.

Hence, you do not need to worry about this aspect as well. You can adjust the shoulder strap according to your need. 

As explained earlier, the laptop can carry a 15.6-inch laptop or MacBook. The bag also contains a separate laptop compartment to avoid disasters like spillages. Moreover, this compartment is safely padded. 

This Buffalo bag is spacious enough to keep you at ease. The bag's dimensions are 15.5 x 11 x 4. It also has a metal zipper, so it does not raise any safety concerns. 

The classical design and charcoal leather goes with most, if not all, clothing styles, so there isn't an issue of clashing fashion.

Other small features of the Buffalo bag include a separate pen section, an individual part to keep iPads, files, etc.

Moreover, you won't have to run from one place to another searching for your papers. Instead, you can keep everything sorted inside the Buffalo leather messenger bag. 

The reputation of the manufacturing company is also solid. Komal's Passion Leather and KomalC (KPL) is a Chicago-based small organization and a family-run business.

They ensure that they reciprocate their customers' trust by providing top-quality products and putting buyer's satisfaction first. 

The business has been in the market for over five years. Today, it is trusted more than giant organizations.

The reasons include the family's hard work and passion for supplying the best. 


  • Immediate company response
  • Excellent customer service
  • Thick leather
  • Ample room for stuff
  • Inexpensive


  • Less durable

Our second bag is also from Komal's Passion Leather. In its many reviews, it's been praised with many positive adjectives such as great, excellent, outstanding, etc., and we have to agree. The KPL bag is extraordinarily comfortable and easy to carry. 

At first glance, it's obvious that the company spares no expense when making this bag. It is full-grain leather, and KPL claims it uses the finest leather available on the market.

After this, the bag is handed over to professional artisans, and these craftsmen use their skills to produce the best product.

What's more, the bag is lined with a canvas. The quality of the canvas is nice enough to avoid any wear and tear. 

If we talk about storage, the KPL leather bag is exceptionally spacious, being a full 18 inches wide. That should be more than enough to keep all your stuff in place.

Other than this, it has a height of 5 inches. So, you do not need to worry about unnecessarily folding any page corners. 

The company has designed the bags to accommodate a lot of stuff. For this, it has a big pocket on the front, and the pouch is big enough to keep files and folders in it.

Additionally, the KPL leather bag also has a separate cell phone holder. Also, zips protect all the pockets and holders.

As a result, you can carry it without any problem, and you do not need to worry about the stuff falling in a fling. 

This KPL bag is a multipurpose leather messenger bag. You can use it as a laptop carrier as well. If you want to align your office papers without fearing any mix-ups, this bag is sure to satisfy you.

Other than that, the bag is also a lifesaver for students and professors alike. You can keep your books and notes without disturbance.

You will find a removable shoulder strap. The feature is to convert your bag into a carrying bag. Some people do not like to wear messenger bags on their arms, especially carrying heavy items.

With KPL's design, they can simply remove the shoulder strap and carry it like a briefcase.

The KPL leather bag is a complete package and one of the best choices you can make for a messenger bag. The leather is fine enough to carry heavy loads daily and lasts several years. 


  • Deep pockets
  • Extra phone holder
  • Zippers in every pocket
  • Thick handles
  • Canvas inner lining


  • Small sewing problems
  • Strange metal prongs

The product is nicknamed the sleek messenger bag by its users because of the smart air it lends to its carrier. This bag doesn't have any irritating buckles or frills.

Instead, you can count on its magnetic locks. Every pocket has a pair of magnets, which close the bag and keep your things secure. 

The bag has one big pocket and several small pockets for organizing your items. The giant pocket is very spacious with ample space for, well, anything you want.

The smaller pockets, unlike most others, are secured by zips. Last but not least, the bag has card holders. 

While anyone can use this bag, it does have an advantage for business people. If you need to carry a couple of business and credit cards, carrying this bag makes storing and retrieving them infinitely easier. All the pockets are safe enough to protect your stuff from falling off. 

In addition, the look of the bag is a definite plus. Its clean, smooth leather won't go through any wear and tear for a long time.

The best part is that the bag is available in multiple different colors. You can buy it in various shades of light and dark brown; every color is attractive and has a delicate shine. 

Secondly, the spacious pockets are unmatchable. You can fit eight to nine sacks at once, and no other leather messenger bag offers such space at such a low price.

The FRYE men's bag also doesn't disappoint regarding dimensions. The bag has a bottom width of 15 inches and a height of 13 to 14 inches.

Because of the excellent width and height, you can put your files vertically and horizontally.

Also, the bag has a strap drop of 21 to 22 inches. Very few companies design bags with such lengths. These features make the FRYE bags one of the best messenger bags on the market. 

The push-lock or magnetic lock is available in all colors and designs. So, you do not need to worry while choosing a plan for yourself. Every FRYE messenger bag comes with a complete package of quality and versatility. 

People often ask about the weight of the bag as well. Although the company has not mentioned it officially, it has replied to customers in comments.

The bag typically weighs three pounds and two ounces. So, it is not heavy to carry. You can stuff it up with your laptop and papers and still move it easily. 

However, please note that the FRYE messenger bags are made of fine soft leather. Hence, they can easily be ruined by water. So, you must take care regarding this.


  • Fine soft leather
  • Different colors available
  • Inexpensive
  • Great market reputation


  • Not waterproof

The Cenzo messenger bag is yet another great multipurpose bag. Hence, it has composed bags that can be utilized in many ways. So, you can get maximum functionality out of it.

First, the Cenzo messenger bag is also known as a laptop bag due to its extra padding and room fit for a laptop.

The bag is specially designed for university students and business professionals. People who need to bring in their laptops and other daily necessities to offices find it extremely useful. 

The bag is manufactured from fine grain leather. The quality of the leather is visible from the appearance of the pack, and you can merely touch and determine that it has come out of high-quality leather.

The bag's origin is Italy, a place well-known for its fine leather. The company puts a great effort into creating and delivering the product worldwide. 

As mentioned above, the appearance of the bag is a whole brand itself. The shiny glossy deep brown or black color makes it obvious that this bag is value-laden.

You can also find a touch of red and glossy charcoal on the bag, adding to its reflective beauty.

Most people worry about the wear and tear of leather with time, but the company guarantees that the product won't lose its allure over time.

As it gets older, the color of the bag will fade into smokey red, and the color will still provide a classy look, avoiding that faded, dull look old leather can sometimes get. 

For the protection of your property, the company uses zippers. The zippers are mainly brass, making them durable and long-lasting. So, you can expect the bag to go for at least five to six years. 

The best part about the bag is its separate compartments for different things. For instance, the product has a portion for your smartphone. Along with this, you can find a pocket for a mobile phone charger as well. 

However, the bag is made to accommodate larger items. A person carrying it to university often takes stationary, a mobile phone, a laptop, and files. So, you can find separate pockets for each of the abovementioned stuff. 

As the bag is built for university students and business officials, you can mold it accordingly. If you do not want a cross-body strap, you can simply remove it, and the adjustable strap can easily be removed and adjusted according to your height and waist. 

The height and length of the bag are also appreciable. The bag size is 11.5 inches, three inches in width, and 15 inches in length.

Although you can find better widths in the market, the size is very easy to carry. Plus, there's the benefit of several pockets.

Moreover, you can get an extra compartment that adds another three inches, and this compartment beats other packs on the market.

Cenzo messenger bags are available in various colors. So, you can select according to your preferences.

You do not have to follow a typical paint or design for your messenger bag, and the prices of every color and design are almost identical. So, all you have to do is select the one that works for you and order it. 

The delivery might take longer than usual deliveries because of its origin. However, the company informs you beforehand and will try to deliver you at the earliest possible time.

If you look at customers' comments under the product, you will get a very positive response.

Moreover, consumers also comment that the product's quality is appreciable, and the leather is stitched skillfully. 

The hardware of the Cenzo messenger bags is also noticeable. The zippers are sturdy and won't mold or break down quickly.

Lastly, the bag will enhance your style and give you a professional and formal look. You can carry it to meetings, professional outings, and even business get-togethers.

All of your work items can be accommodated very easily. You can also keep your chargers, headphones, and files in one place.


  • Calfskin leather
  • Extra pockets for mobile phone and charger
  • Excellent leather quality
  • Well reputed
  • Positive customer reviews


  • Expensive
  • Takes a relatively long time to deliver

Last but not least, the Kenneth Cole messenger bag screams svelte luxury. Its decadent black leather is as soft as it looks; however, it doesn't compromise this accessory's longevity.

Thousands of positive reviews about the product's durability and quality increase its value. Undoubtedly, people love the utility of Kenneth Cole's messenger bags. 

You can confirm the excellence of the bag through the ecstatic customer comments. People often call it a dream messenger bag, and let's find out what makes it so fantastic. 

Firstly, there is ample room for everything that every messenger bag should hold. You can keep your notebooks, files, folders, laptops, mobile phones, pens, and other essential items simultaneously.

The bag also has a separate portion to keep the laptops, and this portion is fully padded. So, you do not need to worry if your bag suffers a fall or accident. 

The company has manufactured bags from horse cowhide leather which is known for its excellent quality.

After this, the company refines the product to make it available for public use. The stitching on this bag is sturdy but neat.

You need not worry about tearing the bag if you stuff it up with multiple things. The large capacity can hold several heavy-weight items. 

This bag is undoubtedly vintage. The grain-brown color gives it a stylish look. Despite its classical look, it gives out a modern vibe. Hence, you can dress it up for both casual and formal outings. 

The Kenneth Cole bag has nine pockets. It's pretty rare to see a company leave such room in a messenger bag. Five outer pockets are available to keep the water bottle, wallet, or other objects.

Other than this, there are four internal pockets to keep other things, such as your essential documents.

There's basically nothing you can't organize in this bag. Plus, you can utilize it for around six to seven years. 

A feature absent in most messenger bags is protection against fluids. Contrarily, the Kenneth Cole bag is water-resistant.

Therefore, it can stand a quick spill, and you can clean it up very quickly without damaging the materials inside.


  • Water-resistant
  • Different colors
  • Removable strap
  • Easily available
  • Excellent customer reviews


  • Low-quality zip metal

Factors To Consider Before Buying Leather Messenger Bag

Factors To Consider Before Buying Leather Messenger Bag

Although we have provided a list of some best leather messenger bags, it's best to have a clear idea of what you want to purchase before adding anything to your cart.

The market is full of multiple brands and messenger bags. It can be tough to decide what is best for you, and it also depends on your priorities.

Hence, learning what you can get best according to your need is essential. We have listed everything you need to know to buy the best messenger bag.

Size And Weight

Only you know what you're going to keep in your messenger bag. Some people need to carry a laptop; others might only need it for files and documents. So, the size and weight depend upon your needs.

You should always check the dimensions of a bag before buying it. Confirm if its length and width are enough to carry all your stuff.

If it is not, do not go for the product, or you might end up tearing the bag or scratching your items.


Durability is another factor you should always look for. Messenger bags usually last four to five years, and you don't want to spend your money on something that can not last long.

Most of the time, you can confirm the durability through the review sections. Customers often give out information about their experiences. Hence, you can learn if other customers are satisfied.

If you are looking for the way to keep your leather bag in great condition for years to come, check our in-depth article on How To Store Leather Bags the Right Way!


Look for the bag's price and compare it with other brands in the market. If the company's price tag is unreasonable, you should skip it. You can find various other messenger bags with lower prices and high quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What should I look for in a messenger bag?

What should I look for in a messenger bag

Messenger bags serve multiple purposes. On one side, these bags are to carry your formal stuff like laptops and files. On the other hand, it is all about style, enhancing your personality, and displaying your choice to others.

So, you should balance both things at once. Go for a bag that suits you and your formal outfits. Make sure to get a messenger bag with decent colors and excellent designs.

Bags with vibrant colors often look informal, which isn't appropriate for more formal settings. Other than this, you should search for the perfect size. Go for a bag that can carry all your important stuff.

Buy a bag with a separate laptop compartment if you have to bring a laptop. Ensure that the laptop portion is completely padded.

Are messenger bags still in style? 

Messenger bags are a statement piece that won't go out of style because they're both functional and easy to style.

For instance, people who have to go with laptops and documents regularly always prefer a messenger bag. Their function is still necessary, so these bags will always be trending.

However, choosing the right design and color is essential, so it can match your personality and aesthetic.

Are messenger bags bad for your back?

Are messenger bags bad for your back

All bags are bad for your back when you consistently use them to carry heavy loads. However, messenger bags put more pressure on one shoulder, which might strain your neck, shoulders, and upper back.

To offset this, you can wear your bag as a cross-body bag, switch shoulders regularly or reduce the weight as much as possible.

To answer this question, Are Messenger Bags Bad For Your Back, we've researched and gathered helpful information plus tips and tips to wear the messenger bag properly in this article.


Messenger bags are a constant need. If you are looking for one, we have a whole list. Our list contains some of the best messenger bags available in the market. Get a look and choose the right one for your needs.

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