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Briefcases are very handy items. They help you keep everything organized in a bag and look more professional than regular backpacks.

But just like anything, choosing a briefcase can be confusing due to the many available options. 

If you are looking for a high-end briefcase to help you look more professional while also being of great utility, you're at the right place.

We've carefully selected and created a list of briefcases that might end up becoming your next buy.

If you're looking for a leather briefcase that is high-end, professional, and durable, this one's a great pick.

The company takes pride in its craftsmanship and has excellent customer service to help you if your briefcase isn't up to the mark.

It is available in three shades- light brown, dark brown, and black. 


  • High quality and should easily last you years at a stretch
  • Laptops up to 15.6 inches can be put in this briefcase
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Friendly customer service
  • Made using high-quality Vachetta leather


  • The use of leather in the briefcase makes it heavy
  • Buyers have consistently complained about the bag's zippers

This item by Time Resistance is worth considering if you prefer a simplistic and sophisticated look.

These briefcases are crafted in Italy and use high-quality leather to ensure durability. It is available in three shades- black, medium brown, and red. 


  • High quality and should last long
  • This briefcase can hold laptops of up to 15 inches in size
  • Separate compartments for different things like phones and cards
  • This briefcase is made using genuine leather


  • It isn't as spacious as others on the list

Are you into vintage styles? If yes, you would love to look at this briefcase. It carries a vintage vibe, uses good quality leather, and is functional thanks to its various compartments. Also, it has two-color schemes - brown and beige & brown.


  • This briefcase leads the list in style and fashion because of its vintage looks
  • Can hold laptops of up to 16 inches in size
  • The briefcase has three separate compartments
  • All compartments have different pockets and slots to keep your items organized
  • The briefcase is made using genuine leather


  • Once you put your laptop in it, due to its slim design, it becomes hard to put other things to their total capacity
  • This briefcase weighs around 5lbs, which can be heavy

In their own words, this one is a practical and professional choice. It has enough space to fit in your laptop and works surprisingly well while looking fashionable. Additionally, it is available in shades of brown, red, beige, and black.


  • The briefcase itself is fashionable due to its design
  • It has many colors available to choose whatever suits you best
  • It can accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches
  • The briefcase has three separate compartments to help manage
  • The briefcase is made of oil wax leather and is overall of sound quality
  • It does not wear out quickly


  • Once a laptop is put in this briefcase, it becomes hard to make space for other office material
  • One common complaint is the zippers breaking off or not working smoothly. 

This briefcase has been handmade using the traditional process. Not only are the products durable, but they are also water-resistant.

It is simple and rough, and there are multiple ways to wear it so that you can pick the most comfortable option. 


  • The briefcase is handmade using cowhide, heavy-duty zippers, and strong handles
  • This briefcase can hold laptops of up to 17 inches in size
  • It has different pockets to keep your stuff in place
  • This briefcase can convert into a backpack and a messenger bag at your convenience


  • If you're looking for a briefcase that can be made into a backpack and a messenger bag, there are better options out there that fulfill this purpose better
  • The price of the briefcase may be more than what one would expect to pay for a briefcase of this type and quality

Briefcase Buying Guide

Before you get yourself a briefcase, here are a few things to consider looking at:


Briefcases vary in size. Depending upon what you intend to use them for, always cross-check the size of the briefcase before buying. 

Quality of the material

If you're spending a little extra on your briefcase, you're probably looking forward to it being high quality and lasting you years as well.

You could use leather, polymer, or a metal briefcase. In any case, ensure that you know the material of the briefcase you are buying, especially the case with leather.

Leather is the most popular material to make a briefcase. If you're looking for more information on different types of leather and how to recognize them, be sure to check this article.


Briefcase Buying Guide - Weight

Some briefcases can be quite heavy on their own. Because we're all different, one may or may not be comfortable with the weight.

Consequently, it is recommended that you always check the weight of the briefcase and see if it is comfortable for you to lift it with more items in it before buying.

Padding for Laptops

If you're going to be putting your laptop in your briefcase often, check if there is a special compartment for it with padding. While some briefcases might have it, it is still not present in all briefcases, so you should check that before buying. 


Ensure that you pick a briefcase within your budget. There are plenty of options available in different price ranges.

Hence, do thorough research and ensure that the briefcase you buy is a good balance of price and quality. 

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Do professionals still use briefcases? 

Do professionals still use briefcases

There are certain styles of briefcases that are no more popular and aren't used by many people, including professionals. There are also many other options available today over briefcases.

However, professionals still use briefcases that appear fashionable for their utility and sophistication. 

Which Briefcase is the best? 

When buying anything, there is no one size fits all. The best briefcase depends on your needs and what suits you the best.

So do your research thoroughly, check the specifics and ensure you're getting the best for yourself.

Choose what you think would work the best rather than what someone else said was the best. 

What is the difference between a briefcase and an attaché case? 

Both of them are rectangular and are used to transport items. However, an attaché is more like a mini suitcase that opens into two compartments, whereas a briefcase has one main room that may further have divisions.

Above all, briefcases are usually made of leather and allow more storage than attaches. 


It can be confusing to pick a high-end briefcase. But as long as you check the quality of leather used, the overall design of the bag, and how it may or may not fit your budget or needs, you should be alright.

We hope this list could bring some clarification in helping you decide what to buy. Make sure to check out our reviews on the top briefcases for men if you're looking for more options.

In conclusion, everything has pros and cons, so weigh it well and choose the best option. A good briefcase can make your life easier by making it comfortable to carry around things you need. 

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