The Best Briefcases for Men You Can Buy in 2024

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While getting a briefcase for men may sound lame, there are many designs that define your personality and inspire confidence today.

It’s no doubt that you have to get a briefcase to upgrade your business look and help you stay organized.

We have reviewed the five best briefcases for men to help you to choose the one that suits your needs. There’s also a buying guide, so you know what to look for.

1. KROSER Expandable Laptop Briefcase – Amazon’s Choice

This expandable briefcase is Amazon’s top choice for many reasons. There are many spacious compartments to fit all your daily items.

It has two zipped front compartments, an expandable main compartment, and one zipped back compartment. Each compartment has a few pockets to help you organize your things neatly.

The briefcase is made of canvas poly-fabric, which is water-resistant and highly durable. 

Furthermore, the sturdy handles and a padded shoulder strap prevent your shoulder from feeling pain.

If you want to bring it for a business trip, you can easily slip the bag into your luggage handle with the well-knitted luggage belt.


  • Expandable main compartment
  • Spacious storage with four compartments
  • Removable padded shoulder strap


  • Bulky when expanded

A briefcase doesn’t always have to be black and bold, especially if you’re in a creative industry.

This stylish design will captivate the eye of your clients and make them build trust in you. The best thing about this bag is that it is handmade. Thus, it was made with genuine leather and handcrafted with care.

Aside from having a beautiful leather finishing, it offers many compartments for daily use. It has three compartments inside that can fit a 17.5-inch laptop and two pockets on the outer side for your items. 


  • Genuine leather
  • Three big inner compartments
  • Stylish vintage design


  • It may have an unpleasant smell for a few days after purchase due to leather finishing oil

3. Targus Classic Slim Laptop Briefcase – Amazon Bestseller

This briefcase is made for minimalistic business professionals. It is lightweight and has a slim and professional design, perfect for daily office commute.

Despite its slim design, it offers enough space for your 16-inch laptop, documents, and smaller items like stationeries and notepad. 

Moreover, a few pockets of different sizes in the front compartment make organization easy. The compartments are also foam-padded so that you can protect your fragile devices from scratches and shock.

There is also a luggage strap at the back to help you secure the briefcase on your luggage when going for a trip. 


  • Slim and professional design
  • Foam padded compartments
  • Pockets in different sizes


  • The shoulder strap can be slippery

This briefcase offers two big compartments that can fit a 16-inch laptop and are big enough for your documents, external drive, and books.

The main compartment has a stretchable velcro strap to keep your laptop in place and two big pockets to fit the laptop charger and a mouse.

Furthermore, it has two zipped front compartments for easy access and extra space for your items.

Besides, Samsonite uses high-quality fabric and metallic strap clips and zippers for the briefcase, which is highly durable and sturdy. 


  • Stretchable velcro strap for laptop
  • Two zipped front compartments
  • High-quality fabric


  • No warranty available

You need this briefcase with wheels if you’re a busy business person who goes on multiple business trips. It’s also perfect for professionals who always need more room in their bags.

There are four spacious compartments to fit all your items. The main compartment has a divider to help you organize your files neatly.

Another compartment has much space for books and a velcro strap to secure your laptop in place. 

Even if you put in many items, the bag will remain intact and not tip over. It’s due to the stable footpads that hold the bag’s weight.

The best part is, you don’t have to carry the heavy bag on your shoulder. The wheels glide smoothly on most floor surfaces for your convenience.

However, if you want to use the bag as a regular briefcase, you can push down the handle completely into a hidden slot and zip it up.


  • Includes a divider for files organization
  • Hidden retractable handle
  • Smooth wheels for any surface


  • It can be heavy when used as a regular briefcase

Buying Guide

Before purchasing the best briefcases for men, you must consider a few aspects to ensure you spend your money on the right track.

  • Materials

The first thing to look at is the materials used to make the briefcase. The type of materials will determine the weight, durability, and finishing design. Commonly, fabric and polyester produce a lighter briefcase than leather.

Besides, a high-quality fabric also has higher durability and lasts longer as it doesn’t need much care compared to leather. Even so, leather material gives a more stylish look with glossy finishing. Make sure to check our blog post here if you're interested in learning different types of leather and how to recognize them!

  • Compartments

Buying Guide Briefcase for Men - Compartments

Different briefcases offer a different number of compartments. Usually, the more compartments there are, the heavier the briefcase is likely to be.

Thus, you need to know your capability and work needs before choosing a briefcase. If you always carry small items for your business purpose, you can pick the slim briefcase.

On the other hand, if you have loads of documents to bring to the office or meeting, choose a briefcase with more room for storage.

  • Looks and Design

It’s tempting to buy stylish and fancy briefcases on the market as many briefcase designs are produced nowadays.

However, you need to consider your job nature and choose the best fit for your daily activities.

For example, if you work in an office setting with a necktie and formal attire, consider a briefcase with a brilliant and neat look to make you appear more professional and confident.

  • Budget

When choosing a briefcase, it’s essential to pick the one within your budget. It ensures you do not overspend and keep your financial budget in check.

A good briefcase isn’t necessarily expensive, and the expensive ones may also have weaknesses. What is more important is the quality and functionality of the bag.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I use a briefcase?

Should I use a briefcase

Briefcases, like any other bags, are purposely made to carry your belongings. In the business world, a briefcase can save you from holding many items in a messy random bag that doesn’t meet your job purpose.

You can stay organized when using a briefcase with compartments and slots that can fit all of your things. Furthermore, a briefcase also can bring out your personality and make you look more assertive.

Are you looking for another type of bag for men? Check out our helpful guides here!

How do I keep my briefcase organized?

Firstly, fill the main compartments with huge and essential items such as a laptop and document files.

Use the pockets to put your laptop charger so it won’t be tangled and make it harder for you to take it out.

Depending on your briefcase, use other smaller compartments to hold work items like an external drive, mouse, or notebook. 

If you carry around pens, use the pen slot to keep your bag neat. Occasionally, check for unnecessary things and dispose to allow more room for the essential items.


The idea of owning a briefcase will never get old. There are many purposes for briefcases, especially if you’re in a business career.

Aside from holding most of your work items, a briefcase will help shape your professional look. Thus, look at our best briefcases for men list and choose the right one for yourself.

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