Are Messenger Bags Bad For Your Back? (Secret Revealed)

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People often complain about lower back pain, especially those who frequently carry loads on their shoulders.

Or perhaps you suspect that backpacks, messenger bags, and other carrying devices might not be great for your back but don't have the evidence to prove it?

All will be revealed below with our helpful tips...

What is a messenger-style bag?

A messenger bag is a type of bag that is carried over one shoulder and across the body.

The messenger-style bag has been around for years and can be worn anywhere from school to work, even as a suitcase for weekend trips.

Messenger bags are typically made of cotton canvas or leather with metal hardware. They usually have an adjustable strap, so you can wear it on either shoulder or across your chest (if you want). 

Furthermore, this bag is ideal for carrying all sorts of things like books, laptops, and tablets when needed because they're easy to maneuver in tight spaces like elevators at airports where space is limited!

The reason why we love this style of carrying our belongings around town? Because it's super versatile!

If you're in the market for a new bag, be sure to check out our article on different types of bags for men to add to your collection! You might find the perfect one for your needs!

Is wearing a messenger bag bad for your shoulders and back?

Is Wearing A Messenger Bag Bad For Your Shoulders And Back

Messenger bags are not bad for your back. They help you get the correct posture, which allows your shoulders and muscles to stay strong, bones to remain healthy, and joints to stay flexible.

Messenger bags are great for your back because they keep the weight off of one shoulder while also allowing you to carry more stuff than if you were taking it in a regular backpack.

If someone has been using messenger bags for a long time without any problems, then this might be another reason why their backs feel better now than before!

Tips And Suggestions To Maximize Your Comfort

Tips And Suggestions To Maximize Your Comfort
  • Use a bag with a wide strap: A wide strap will help you carry the weight more comfortably and distribute it evenly on your shoulders.
  • Use a bag with padded straps: Padded straps are incredibly comfortable when carrying heavy loads in messenger bags for women. They'll also help protect your shoulders from getting bruised by the weight of your belongings and keep them safer from potential injury during transit (e.g., falls).
  • Choose one that has waist straps: This option allows you to adjust how much slack there is in the shoulder straps so that they don't pull too tightly on your back upon lifting heavy items off them; however, it's important not to overdo this adjustment since otherwise, they could cause neck pain, shoulder pain or muscle pain if misused or if it's heavier than the body weight! You should choose one based on personal preference rather than necessity.

What's in your bag?

There's a lot of talk about the best way to carry your gear, but what exactly do you put inside? The best way to find out is to ask yourself: "What do I need to bring with me?" It would be best if you thought about this before moving on.

In addition, ask yourself: "How often am I going to use this thing?" If it's something that only comes up once every few years (like an air mattress), it may not make sense for your bag.

And if something happens once every week (like taking extra clothes with you when traveling), then obviously there won't be room for those additional items anyway!

What your bag says about you

What Your Bag Says About You

If you’re looking for the perfect bag for an optimal experience, consider this: what is the bag saying about you?

  • A messenger bag with a laptop compartment will probably be worn by someone trying to make it big as an entrepreneur or student. 
  • A water bottle on your shoulder says you are a runner and need to stay hydrated on long trips. 
  • A tablet in your bag shows that you are always up-to-date with technology and use email or social media regularly (or both). 
  • A charger means that this person has access to wireless charging devices in their home or office space, which makes sense because they work from home most days! 
  • Lastly, if they carry around a wallet but no other items besides cash and cards inside it, we can guess why someone might use one of these bags too!

Shop bags with good lumbar support

Lumbar support is essential for preventing back pain, and shoulder bags have been shown to provide good lumbar support.

To determine if a bag has good lower back support, look at its shoulder strap length and how much padding it has in the bottom of the bag.

If you’re looking for an affordable option that provides good lumbar support, consider these messenger bags.

Learn how to carry a messenger bag the right way

Learn How To Carry A Messenger Bag The Right Way

Messenger bags are not bad for your back. They can be a great way to carry a lot of stuff, but there are some things you should know before buying one.

Keep the strap off your shoulder: When carrying a messenger bag over one shoulder and with only one hand free, it is easier to put pressure on your spine when walking or running.

Instead, keep the bag close to your body, so it acts as a counterweight and doesn't pull on any part of your body unnecessarily.

Use the bag as a counterweight: When carrying heavy items in a messenger bag without using both hands (like groceries), place them directly under where they will rest against their respective sides of said item.

Keep things tight together: If something inside an item gets loose during transport, this could cause serious problems later down the line because anything open inside will now be able to tangle up with other things inside too!

Weigh your bag before you go out for the day, so you know how heavy it is

Weigh your bag before you go out for the day, so you know how heavy it is.

You don't want to be one of those people carrying a bag that is too heavy and struggling with it all day long! 

If you need something in particular, like your laptop or tablet, make sure it's not too heavy for the rest of your stuff (e.g., put them on top of other things).

You should always check your bag before leaving the house to ensure everything inside is still working correctly—this includes checking that there aren't any tears or holes in anything important (like clothing). Checklist:

  • Does everything fit? Are all pockets accessible? Is there enough room left over at its smallest size if needed?
  • Does everything work properly?
  • Is anything broken/missing/missing parts/clothes stained with blood etc.?

What Is The Suitable Way To Carry Messenger Bag?

What Is The Suitable Way To Carry Messenger Bag

There are several ways to carry your messenger bag. You can use the strap over your shoulder, on the back of your body, or across one side of your body.

For example, if you have a bag with a flap on each end and no padding inside, it would be best to clasp these flaps together with both hands, so they do not fall off easily.

Another option is to wear a sling around one shoulder with some extra material from another part of the bag attached to it.

As a result, when carrying weight in this area, there won't be any pressure points that would cause pain in other body parts.

For instance, taking too much weight can unnecessarily strain the neck and lower back muscles, leading to chronic back pain.

Frequently Asked Question

Do People Use A Messenger Bag In Daily Activities?

Messenger bags are used in many different ways. People use them for school, work and travel.

They are also used for everyday activities such as running errands or having dinner with friends. 

Moreover, messenger bags can also be used for sports like basketball and soccer because they have compartments that allow you to keep your equipment organized so that it’s easy for you to find what you need when the game starts!

What type of bag is best for your back?

  • Look for a bag that has padded back and shoulder straps. This will help distribute weight evenly across your body, reducing strain on your back muscles.
  • Look for a bag with a lumbar support or waist strap to distribute weight more evenly across your hips and stomach area.
  • If possible, look for one with an adjustable chest strap so you can adjust how much support is distributed by changing where it attaches to your body as needed. This way, you can add extra weight by not making your bag a heavy-weight bag of bricks.


Messenger bags are popular because they're lightweight, have proper weight distribution, and are easy to carry, but the shoulder straps can cause back pain.

If you want a bag that's good for your back and doesn't weigh too much, consider buying one with an ergonomic design or carrying it on one shoulder instead of two.

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