Should You Wear A Belt With Suspenders?

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Fashion has always been a world unto itself, with several rules to track, which implies it is a world filled with fashion faux pas. You may begin to wonder if you should wear suspenders with a belt as a result of this.

Both belts and the suspenders serve the same function, which is to keep trousers in place and well around the waist.

Nevertheless, these items were not intended to work together. They were created separately and at different periods in history. You simply cannot wear a belt with suspenders at the same time because it is plain wrong.

Could this be true, or is this another one of those social norms or fashion rules meant to be broken? Read on to know more about this particular context of fashion issue.

What Are Suspenders?


Suspenders, also known as braces in British English, are fabric pieces that are attached to your pants and then go over your shoulders.

They are attached on both flanks to keep trousers in place. Suspenders are connected to the pants with suspender buttons or clips, and are adjustable.

Braces have customarily been a non-displayable wardrobe item, worn underneath a suit, leather jacket, sweater, and other clothing items to keep your pants in place.

Suspenders are typically worn with bow tie at black-tie events such as dances, weddings, and other occasions where a formal wear or tuxedo is expected.

On the other hand, they have recently become more of a statement piece, and can now be seen in several casual settings.

Braces worn without a leather jacket or suit, over a sweater or t-shirt, and in a variety of styles and colors have become a more prevalent and acceptable way to wear them.

Suspenders are an excellent addition to a well-dressed man's clothing arsenal and the ideal accessory for making a personal style statement.

They are not only a classic fashion staple, but they have also picked up steam.

Suspender Styles

Suspenders are classified into three types: X, Y, and H styles. The X suspender style crisscrosses just at the mid to lower back area, forming an X shape.

The Y-style suspender features a single strip of fabric at the back that branches into two pair, then comes over the shoulders to create the quintessential suspender look.

They are called Y style due to the distinctive branching styling at the back of the suspenders.

H suspenders, as the name suggests, are shaped in the back like the letter H.

The two long strips that connect to your pants are secured together in this design by a long single strip that runs horizontally between them.

Wearing Suspenders and a Belt

wearing Suspenders and Belt

Suspenders keep your pants in place. Belts, too. As a result, you do not require both accessories.

More notably, to wear a belt with suspenders is not only a fashion faux pas, but it causes three sides of a square around the center of your body, making your torso and waist size appear fatter and wider than it is.

Even if that is your purpose of wearing them together, it's critical to understand that wearing both a belt with suspenders on an outfit is wrong and a major 'no' in the fashion world. To be honest, it just looks odd.

Pros and cons of wearing a belt with suspenders


  • They serve the same purpose, which is to keep pants or trousers in place.


  • It makes one’s torso look fatter and wider than it is.
  • It causes three sides of a square around the center of one’s body.
  • To wear a belt and suspenders is terrible. It will make you look bulky, awkward, and uncomfortable.
  • The combination of both accessories is far too busy and gives the impression that you are wearing the world's heaviest pants.

Is Wearing Belt and Suspenders Too Much?

Wearing Belt and Suspenders Too Much

To wear a belt and suspender on an outfit may appear odd, but it is neither obscene nor out of place. The point is that while you can wear both, you should avoid doing so.

In reality, wearing one of the two accessories will make you look far dapper, polished, and your overall presentation will be topnotch even if it is for a casual outing.

There is no reason to wear belt with suspenders unless you have to participate in some intense activity that requires it.

Even so, a belt or suspenders would provide adequate support. It is strongly advised to limit yourself to just one.

Is it permissible to wear suspenders with belt loops?

Although this may appear a little goofy but suspenders can be worn with pants or jeans that already have belt loops. Clip on suspenders is the ideal option for this wear.

Events or occasions where you would want to wear clip suspenders on trousers with belt loops are likely to be more casual, as tuxedo pants, which you would wear suspenders or braces on if you need help with the waist fit, do not typically have belt loops.

Suspenders can be worn with or without belt loops. These suspenders feature a method similar to that found on many lanyards and keychains. Instead of using clips or buttons, this clip is designed to hook onto your pants' belt loops.

Why are Belts more Common than Suspenders?

wearing belt

Belts are currently the most prevalent choice when it comes to keeping one's trousers in place. The points listed below are the only reason why wearing a belt is more common than wearing suspenders.


Belts' superiority over suspenders is largely due to the perceived notion that they are not only useful but are far more comfortable to use.

Many men dislike wearing suspenders under suits or jackets because they can be uncomfortable on the shoulder and also wrinkle the front of their shirt.

Belts, on the other hand, rest quite comfortably around the waist when properly sized and are extremely easy to readjust on the fly.

After all, instead of having to adjust the pair of slides on a suspender, all you have to do is unbuckle and slip the prong through one of the multiple holes.

Check out our How to Clean A Leather Belt article for all the details on how to get your belt looking and smelling fresh!


Belts provide several stylish options that distinguish them from suspenders and make them a better option for certain outfits. Belts draw attention to your midsection, making your overall appearance more balanced.

They also can make you look slimmer at the waistband, giving you a trimmer appearance and creating an appealing inverted v-silhouette.

Exhibit of wealth

You do not necessarily need to be a multimillionaire, vigilante, or playboy to appreciate the benefits of wearing belts to show off your wealth.

Suspenders are usually hidden by one’s waistcoat or leather jacket, but a belt is visible when your suit is unbuttoned. As a result, to wear belts are much simple and easy to flaunt.

If you want to emphasize the way your rich, calfskin belt complements your shoes and outfit, or show off the expensive materials from which your belt is made, such as a blinged-out belt buckle or exotic leather, a belt is the best option.

This is particularly the case if you would like the belt's branding to be the focal point of your dress.


Belts have risen in popularity due to their utility. In addition to keeping your trousers up, they could previously hold scabbards, pouches, holsters, and other tools.

Belts, of course, continue to keep trousers up to this day, and they also serve as an efficient conveyance, carrying wallet chains, phone clips, belt bags, and other items. This is not the most fashionable look, therefore, it isn't suitable for more formal event.

If you're looking for a little more information on whether or not leather belts stretch, be sure to check out our article on the matter!

Frequently Asked Questions - Should You Wear A Belt With Suspenders?

suspenders - do they help with posture?

Suspenders can assist you in improving your posture. Wearing them forces you to actively involve your core as well as straighten your back. Do check that they are not too tight around your shoulders.

The proper fit will improve your posture, keep your pants in place, and be pleasurable.

Can suspenders be worn under a shirt?

Yes, suspenders can be worn under a shirt. Undergarment suspenders are what they are called. However, you must put on a sweater or shirt without tucking them in.

Why did belts take the place of suspenders?

Trends will surely pass us by. Belts are now preferred over suspenders because they are more soothed and comfortable.

Do you wear belt or suspenders with a tuxedo?

A tuxedo should never be worn with a belt! Tuxedo pants should not have belt loops at all. Suspenders should always be used to keep one’s tuxedo pants up, but they aren't necessary for the tuxedo look.

If your tuxedo pants can stay up on its own, there is no need to wear suspenders or belts. This content was created by If you see this on another site, it has been stolen.

Should I wear suspenders or a belt?

Both suspenders and belts serve the same purpose, it can be difficult to know which one to wear on different occasions. It all boils down to the outfit you are wearing, and also the type of function or venue you are heading to.


Belts are truly incredible, especially when it comes to various buckles and such. Suspenders can also be a great deal of fun. Both do not only serve a purpose, but they are also fashionable.

So, should you wear a belt and suspenders? No, you cannot combine both. However, you could style either of them so well that no outfit will ever look out of place. Choose one look, and don't try mixing it up.

There are many rules in the fashion world. Fully understanding the pros and cons of getting dressed will help you to look dapper and put together.

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